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So…you’re traveling the world?

Sure am!! Here’s how it happened…

On a particularly long car drive from DC to Toronto, I was talking with my copilot about all of the prospective places we might want to live later in life…The list we came up with included New York City, Miami, Chicago, Austin, Denver, LA, Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Paris.

Because the drive was so long, we researched and budgeted cost of living in each city, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn I could pretty easily experiment in each city without much of a burden on my daily life or life style.

I spent time designing my career so I could work remotely, and after some consideration and strategizing, decided to take the jump. In March of 2019 I embarked upon a year long trip, spending time in each of those cities (and exploring the surrounding areas) so that I can get a real taste of life in each place. As I travel I’ll blog and add photos to my gallery so that you can follow along with me!