My Library

If you’re not a big reader, or can’t seem to find the time try downloading something from below that you’re interested in and listening to it as you’re getting ready in the mornings or during your commute. I’ve really loved the extra learning and entertainment I fit into my day just by hitting the play button on my audible app!

As I come across ones that i really enjoy or have added value to my life, I’ll post them here with a few notes. If you’ve read them I’d love your thoughts, and if you have any suggestions for me I’d love to have them!

The Book of Joy.jpeg

The Book of Joy: Dali Lama & Desmund Tutu

This is one of my all time favorites — The Book of Joy essentially is a weekend long conversation between the Dalai Llama and Desmond Tutu (who are very dear friends). They discuss their philosophies of keeping joy in their hearts and minds in daily life in spite of all of the suffering there is in the world. I love it as an audible book because it’s like you are part of their discussions. It’s great for long car rides.

Own the Day Own Your Life - Wishfully.jpg

Own the Day Own Your Life: Aubrey Marcus

Aubry is a bio-hacker who uses his body and personal life experiences essentially as a science experiment, and then shares what he learns with his readers — The book offers lots of amazing hacks and tips that I have integrated into my own daily life. He also has a really interesting podcast series called the Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

You are a Badass - Wishfully.jpg

You Are a Badass: Jen Sincero

This book really introduced me to life coaching philosophy. I read it on a summer vacation and as a result began meditating and have had some really powerful experiences since. Jen is awesome on audible, reading the book herself. She gives usable, practical advice that I absolutely love including tips for implementing big change and cutting toxic people out of your life. Plus she’s hilarious.

Girl Wash Your Face - Wishfully.jpg

Girl, Wash Your Face: Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is SUCH an inspiration to me. This book is an incredible self development tool that asks its readers to take a look at what’s really been stopping them from achieving their goals, and provides practical tools for getting through, over, and around your stuff. Rachel and her husband Dave Hollis are absolutely incredible mentors and I HIGHLY recommend her books — this one in particular. I think the Audible version is perfect because she reads it and the passion in her voice is so powerful!

Love Warrior - Wishfully.jpg

Love Warrior: Glennon Doyle

I cannot say enough good about Glennon Doyle. This was an amazing read for me over the summer of 2018. The book is a personal story of the author’s life and struggle to truly find out who she is battling through addiction and emotional strife, all of which she has overcome through sharing her incredibly powerful and vulnerable story. She’s absolutely amazing and so motivating. Glennon is generally a wonderful human being who I recommend you follow on all forms of social media!

4 Disciplines of Execution - Wishfully.jpg

The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Chris McChesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling

If you are a manager or work within teams you NEED to read this book! It’s such a helpful tool for setting and reaching goals within teams and teaches the importance of single tasking and creating a cadence of accountability where everyone is responsible for taking action to get to the common goal.

Men are from Mars - Wishfully.jpg

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: John Gray

Okay before you roll your eyes at this one, listen to it or read it. It’s given me some really helpful insights about the drastic differences between how men and women communicate. It has saved me from several conflicts and disagreements within my own relationship. It’s long, so I liked listening to it on 1.5 x speed while also listening to a few other things — but the content is amazing and super helpful for romantic and platonic relationships!

5 Second Rule - Wishfully.jpg

The 5 Second Rule: Mel Robbins

If you are looking for practical advice on how to take action, Mel Robbins has nailed it. She discussed her “5 Second Rule” method which she developed as a tool to help her get through some pretty low times in her life. This tool is something that when used, motivates you into instantly taking action — if you are someone who suffers from anxiety I think this book is a must read that helps you to take control of your emotions — and I love it!

It Starts with Food - Wishfully.jpg

It Starts with Food: Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

Siblings Dallas and Melissa explain how the food, sugar in particular, affect our daily functioning. I listened to this in the fall of 2018 and really enjoyed learning how I could manage my blood sugar and thus fluctuating mood and emotions around food. Initially I listened to it out of curiosity for what the heck Whole30 was, and I decided to give it a shot in the month of October. I ended up losing 6 pounds and feeling so much better physically. It’s a quick listen and really easy to understand.

Unshakeable - Wishfully.jpg

Unshakable: Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins logically and clearly breaks down the most important areas to consider for managing your finances, clearly explaining the kinds of questions to ask and what to look for in a financial advisor. If you aren’t paying attention to your finances, you NEED TO — they aren’t going away, and the sooner you start paying attention and taking action to control your future, the better. Tony helps to simplify the process of understanding your money and shows you where to begin. Before reading this book I had zero financial plan outside of saving as much as possible. Since reading it I’ve found a amazing financial advisor who I trust implicitly and work towards my retirement every day.