HEY there and happy Mondayyyy!!!

 …but is it? Really?

How’s your mood today? How did you feel when you woke up? As you commuted to work, went through your day, got home…maybe got dinner, went to the gym, hustled to get some last-minute gifts. Whatever it was that you spent your time doing -- Were you going through the motions? Were you getting as much as you could out of your day?

 How are you really feeling?

Today for me really was not all rainbows and butterflies. I won’t lie, when I got up today, I was not looking forward to my week. I have shopping I still need to do, my kitchen sink flooded all of my lower cabinets last night and has been a hot mess, and on top of it all, I haven’t been feeling well – So in summary:  Lots that I could be, and was, grumpy about today. Great. Happppy Monday. (I say sarcastically)

Part of how I start every day is writing – I set an intention for my day, write several things that I am working for in my life as though I’ve already completed them, and then write ten things that I am grateful for or that make me happy. This gratitude provides me with perspective and balance. You can always find ten+ things, if you really look, that you are grateful for. Heck, you’re alive, right? (No, don’t laugh and say you wish you weren’t. You know that’s not the case if you really think about it.) This morning ritual really helps me to look for the good in every day. And typically, that gratitude practice snaps me out of whatever’s been going on, and I’m back to my normal, happy self. But for whatever reason, while today it definitely helped, it didn’t completely pull me out of the weeds.


Then, I got the office and I had to coach. When I coach, I put everything else down and focus intensely on the client I am working with. It’s my job to help them with what they need, what’s going on in their life, and how we can both support that person’s growth. Today, with one specific client, we added some real value to their life that truly is going to change the quality of this person’s every day. It took collaboration and focus from both of us to come up with real, actionable solutions for this client’s goals, and we figured it out and put a plan in place. This person was so excited to move forward, and that excitement was such a gift to me. Because I was willing to put the shit from today down to give to someone else, I completely stepped outside of myself and the “crappy day” I was having and dedicated myself to helping this person to get what they needed. The hour went by so quickly neither one of us realized it, and in just 60 short minutes my client had tools they needed to drastically improve their life, and I, magically felt better. Completely better. Like weight lifted, “what was I complaining about again??” Gone.


Getting outside of my own head and my own life and giving support to someone else entirely changed how I feel about my day and the week to come.


Now, while you dear reader, may be saying “Yeah that’s great, but I’m not a life coach, and I don’t directly get to work with and help people every day” – I’d really challenge you on that. I bet you that if you looked around today, that you could find at least one opportunity to reach out to someone and share a random act of kindness, love, or support to a person who could really use it.


If you take action to help someone with the genuine intention of giving them the support they need, that your service will positively impact that them and will truly help you. You will feel much better on the other side of it, really. It may not cure you of whatever you are struggling with, but if you make a practice, every day, of supporting those around you, it will start to move the needle forward and you will begin to feel better.


If you are struggling right now to find the joy in your everyday – I’d challenge you over the next 10 days, to provide 10 acts of kindness or support to those around you – this could be to people you know, or to random strangers. Either works. Go into this with an open mind and good intentions and I betcha you’ll like what you get out of it. And as an added bonus, you’ll make the world a little brighter.


Try it. What do you have to lose?? Let me know how you feel on the other end. I can’t wait to hear all about it.


Sending my love,