Take Time to Care for Yourself

Take a walk and ask yourself as you start out “what do I need?” as you move forward, quiet your mind and listen to what your heart tells you. Today I did just that and while I walked the beach, what I was heard was that I needed love. Receiving love and giving love – that it will put me at peace.


Then, out of some stroke of loving universal magic, as I was walking back to my apartment I passed some beautiful gardens and a groundskeeper, who I said hello to. I stopped for a moment, slightly unsure why, but I did. A few moments passed and I heard the man chopping at something I assumed to be a tree and turned around to see him sipping water from a coconut. At first, I just watched but I couldn’t stop myself and asked if I could try some. He obliged, cutting me my own fresh coconut, and we introduced ourselves. Allen is a kind eyed middle-aged man from Negril in Jamaica who has been here in Miami for 14 years.


He tells me of the benefits of coconut water, pointing out that this is the only water that touches your heart, which he says to me so very kindly while holding his chest. We chat a bit more as his words sink in and it’s time for him to go punch out of his shift. I sit for a moment reflecting on the beauty of what just happened to me and am filled with gratitude. This moment was so beautiful, and I am so thankful to have been fully present for it.


I’ll tell you – this didn’t just happen overnight, and this perfect moment was preceded by many full of pain. I’ve worked very hard and gone through some serious changes and loss over the past three months and am happy to say that while every day is not perfect that I have put in the work and time to feel myself again.

It’s okay for every moment not to be “instafilter perfect”, but it’s also really important to do what you need to take care of yourself.

The time passes anyway, so do the work to give yourself what you need to heal: Step away from those who aren’t serving your needs, exercise regularly, take your vitamins, drink water, go to therapy or talk to a trusted friend for support, write, process, grieve. Tell someone when you are struggling. We are all going though our own shit, and none of us have to do it alone. I promise you that with time, work, and processing it does get better – and if life gives you lemons…go get a coconut and drink it.