New Year...New Notebook!

Okay call me crazy (or awesome) but I LOVE the new year – there’s just something my slightly OCD mind loves about starting new and having a clear, clean delineation of when and where fresh start is. So HAPPY NEW YEAR people!!!

With that being said – I have started my new year with all fresh new notebooks: One for my gratitude practice (more on that soon), one for the office, and one for random note taking at home.

If you are like me, you had a perfectly good notebook, or a few, that you were using, still with unused pages in it, from December and before. There are manyyyy of you who enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a notebook or using one up to save paper. That is completely logical and I completely support you. For me, I’ll be keeping my notebooks for extra scrap paper, and am starting with all fresh notebooks in the new year.

Maybe it’s like starting a new year of school for me, just #adulting style, but there’s something about this new chapter in life we are given that for me, asks for clean, crisp, new notebooks so that I have fresh perspective free from the past year weighing down my thoughts, ideas, planning and writing for the new year.

Take it for what you will, but if you are considering it, I’d highly encourage you to get some fresh notebooks, and maybe a fun new pen to kick off 2019.

If you like this idea and would like some additional support planning for a successful 2019 click here to get my 2019 annual planner to help reach your new years goals.

Sending love for a happy, healthy, and wealthy 2019!