Thanksgiving Eve

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I've assembled a few ideas that I'll absolutely be using to keep my sanity and lifestyle on track while enjoying time with friends, family and food!

  1. Drink LOTS of water!!!

    • I am a HUGE advocate for at least half of your body weight in ounces of water a day (I'll write a post on that shortly!) but especially during the holidays this is so crucial! Why you ask?? -- Helps to keep your system flushed out, keeps you feeling more satiated, and aides in digestion, just to name a few!

  2. Start with less food on your plate

    • I can't help but eat everything I put on my plate, so this year I'll be starting out with less on my plate so that my brain has time to catch up with my stomach before I get up to get more food. I'm hoping this will keep me from seriously overeating!

  3. Exercise

    • I love working out on the holidays when things are slower. I actually think it's easier to get to the gym (and if you are someone who feels like they'd like an excuse to get out of the house, this is a GREAT reason). So I have planned out a short run before Thanksgiving dinner and plan to jump right back into the gym on Friday. Keeping with my exercise routine helps me to not totally lose my structure or sense of routine with my time away from the office. Take 30 minutes to go for a walk or pop over to the gym — you will not regret it!

  4. Take some time for yourself

    • With so many people vying for your time around the holidays it's important to be sure to schedule some time for yourself -- be sure to get out of the house on your own to go for a walk or do some shopping, find a quiet spot for some reading or meditation, take a yoga class -- Do something that is just for you.

  5. Look the part

    • I'm not saying that you need to spend hours getting ready, but taking time and putting some effort into looking nice for friends and family will undoubtedly help you to both feel more confident and comfortable regardless of what the holiday presents

  6. Be prepared to change the subject

    • We all have that one guest at the table who insists on bringing up inappropriate conversation. Before sitting down to your meal, think about a few topics to have in your tool belt to bring up should you need to politely change the subject.

  7. Send love

    • If there's someone on the dinner guest list who typically gets under your skin, think about how you'd like to interact with them and actively plan on doing so. What will you talk about? How will you respond if they say something frustrating? Take a few moments to remember good times you have had with that person. Perhaps even bring those good times up in conversation to show your gratitude for the person. It's so much easier to enjoy someone's company, even if it can be challenging to be around them, if you start things off from a positive perspective and plan your interactions.

  8. Know the plan

    • Often we are anxious about holiday gatherings because we don’t know what’s happening when. If possible strategize with your family about when people are arriving or when you'll need to travel to/from different locations, about how long you'll stay somewhere for a meal. Often simply setting up expectations ahead of times can really help to relieve stress because you'll know what to expect.

  9. Think about who you want to be

    • As you are getting ready to look the part and thinking about sending love and entering conversations intentionally, visualize the person you want to be on this holiday season. If there are several groups of people you'll need to see, how will you interact with them, how much alcohol (if any) will you consume?, what will you talk about at dinner, will you help cook or clean up after meals? Who do you want to be? The underlying theme you're seeing with many of these tips is to plan out who you want to be because it's SO much easier to be successful if you plan for it. Know who you want to show up as and it's much easier to do it.

  10. 10 things you are grateful for

    • During this season of gratitude what if you actually took time to think about the things you are grateful for? I can tell you that for me it's changed my perspective and has me looking for the good in life. Yes. It sounds cheesy AF, but it's actually the case. I'd challenge you to start on Thanksgiving -- maybe as a topic of conversation at dinner, but also to really write out ten things you are grateful for. It could be anything: food on the table, your favorite song, Black Friday sales, the best mashed potatoes you've had all year -- anything at all, just write it out. Keep this up for ten days and I absolutely promise you'll go into 2019 feeling better than you started before Thanksgiving.

I hope these tips are helpful -- try them out!! Do you have anything you regularly practice around the holidays? I'd love to hear about what you're doing surrounding the holidays.