Sick of Counting the Clock?

Sick of just making a paycheck and counting down the hours down from Monday until Friday at 5:00, only to feel professionally unsatisfied???

You are not alone my friends.

If you feel like you don’t even know where to begin or what to do to make moves to help become more professionally satisfied, I’d recommend first starting with a brainstorm. Remember, that with a brainstorm nothing is a bad idea, and that often a ton of crazy, random, or “bad” ideas can result in a strike of genius.

Put three minutes on a timer and have a pen and a stack of post-it notes. Start your stop watch and write down as many as possible ideas, one per post-it, of actions you can take or things you can do to improve your situation professionally. The three minutes will feel like a l o n g time – just keep writing.

Maybe it’s talking to your boss about that promotion or salary increase, maybe it’s finally writing your resume, applying to new jobs, or stepping up to take on a project you know would challenge you. Just make the list.

Then, once your three minutes are up, read through and organize your post-its into categories of great ideas, maybes, and probably nots. Start with your great ideas, pick your favorite, and spend 2-3 more minutes outlining five actionable steps you can take to get there. What are five things you need to do to get there?? Then, select the first step, put a time to do it on your calendar and FOLLOW through.

The best way to ensure you follow through is to plan for a specific time to do “the thing”, tell someone (like a colleague, manager, friend, or significant other) when you’re going to do it, and then tell them when it’s completed.

This will be your first step in changing your time at work from “Screw this sh*t o’clock” to making a life, and not just a living.

- Sarah