Managing Your Mood

Ya know when you’re having a perfectly wonderful morning, and then the store you go to on your way into work with the sole purpose of buying stamps is out of them, your coffee is somehow ruined, which you don’t realize until you’ve left, and then on the way into the office the front desk officer asks you for ID in the building that YOU work in, when your hand a full of bags and you literally walk past that desk every, single day without issue?! (was that a run-on sentence??) And thennnn a random acquaintance calls you simply to complain, about nothing related to you?! Or maybe it seems like you are just tryin to do your thing, but everyone around you has a bad case of the Mondays and is throwing shade, when all you want to do is be happy???

….I hope this isn’t just me here…. (laughs…nervously)

Well, that’s me today. I personally, had an awesome morning, and have been enjoying myself intending to be positive and productive after an excellent weekend, but found myself having to pull some matrix moves to dodge the all of the negativity being hurled my way this morning.

But here’s what I tried today, and it seemed to work so I’m sharing it with you:


I promise that you’ll feel their negativity just melt right off of you – and giving that love will make you feel better too. Really. I felt myself wanting to go back to grumble at the barista, bristling to the front desk woman, and nearly snapping at the person on the phone. Then, I realized how I reacted to each of these people is MY responsibility and certainty it wasn’t their fault that I was getting frustrated. So I stopped myself, and thanked each their time and attention. I smiled. They smiled back, and I felt better. On that call I told my acquaintance that I loved them and all would be well. By simply showing and giving love you will allow yourself to keep going on your positive trajectory and offer to bring those around you along for the ride.

Remember you control your thoughts, no one else. This power over your thoughts and reactions ultimately controls the emotions that give you feelings – So choose wisely and intentionally!