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Back in November of 2016 I had a perfectly fine life that from the outside likely looked pretty good to most: I was comfortable living in Washington, DC, but I was struggling to find balance, success, and organization with my personal life and work. I had no clue where I wanted to be or what I wanted to do within the next five years, much less what I wanted to do with my life’s work. I had a successful career but lacked purpose and had no idea how to find my passion.  I had a good relationship with my partner, but had gained an astounding 30 pounds since we had started dating only three years prior. I did not exercise regularly or belong to any kind of community. I was struggling to build meaningful, adult relationships with my parents. My friendships were decent, but were sporadic and were scattered across the country, following the relationships we’d built during college. Welcome to the life of me, Sarah Glenn, pre-coaching: unfocused and unsatisfied, and lacking passion.


Unsatisfied with “fine” I began searching for a way to discover my passion and to find balance focus. I wanted a better reason to get out of bed every morning…

I had interviewed a few therapists hoping to find that guidance, but during each intake conversation, I was disappointed for one reason or another; usually because the discussions led into digging up past issues or over-analyzing my life in a way that didn’t seem to me to be pertinent because I really wanted to just move forward.

Finally, a dear friend said, said, “Try coaching – you don’t need a therapist, you need someone to help you get results.”  

He put me in touch with Fruition Coaching and on that first coaching call, my life started to transform — I saw a path forward. My coach helped me to find the tools and willpower to focus my energy to make the positive changes I so badly needed.

As I progressed things were starting to really click. I was losing weight, feeling happier and getting my life personally and professionally under control and strengthening my personal relationships. Then a fluke car accident completely blindsided me and really set me back. I was in a cast with limited mobility and substantial pain, really struggling not to lose my focus.

A few temper tantrums and several very late nights at work later, I decided it was time to make sense of the accident.


Megan, my coach, told me on one of our calls — as she pointed out if I was successfully serving as a new manager for my peers, directing a successful team, and managing myself, while staying on my meal plan and exercising, -- all with a badly broken and casted hand, then I could do just about anything I focused on. A few broken bones couldn’t stop me. Something shifted with those words.  

After 12 months of serious coaching work, I had significantly improved my relationships with my family, boyfriend, friends, and myself. Since putting in the work and with coaching I truly enjoy spending time with family, I visit my friends regularly, and take fun trips all around the country with them. My relationship with my boyfriend was the strongest, most loving and supportive one I had ever experienced. As time continued I lost those 30 pounds, and found balance, energy and happiness with an incredible fitness community.

I got through the car accident ultimately unscathed. To sweeten the pot, I had become the highest producing working manager at my level with the recruiting firm I was with, and led the number one team that produced the best results in the country. I found all of this success by focusing my energy where it mattered and through having the support I needed to do it.

Most importantly, through coaching and deep personal development work surrounding it, I discovered my passion and calling in life. During a conversation with Megan, she asked me how I wanted to be remembered when I was no longer on this earth… Without thinking I told her I wanted to help those around me struggling to find their full potential in life and with their careers and lives. I hadn’t even realized what I’d said, but had discovered that coaching was truly my passion and my purpose. So after completing extensive coaching training which took another year and a half, I am so excited to help others discover gift of creating a fuller life just as my coach has done and continues to do for me.  

Having spent over seven years in recruiting and sales, and with experience building and managing teams, I’ve been well-primed to serve my coaching clients. I’ve interviewed thousands of people, and helped hundreds to make happy career moves. I built and trained teams, and supported countless business in various private-sector industries ranging from non-profits and associations, to tech companies, real estate and law firms, and fortune 500s. I’ve worked through challenges and learned to self-manage while leading a team and teaching them to do the same. I’ve done this while overcoming physical pain of the car accident, discipline of weight loss, and repairing relationships  – emerging on the other side a happier, more confident, improved human being who is so excited to share this gift of positive transformation with you.  

I am grateful to have found my life’s mission in coaching, and am thankful for my ability to create a life surrounding that purpose. In the words of Tony Robbins: 


Coaching has given me my life’s work, now it is my purpose to help others to reach their own goals. Check out my company’s website, Fruition Coaching, and follow me as I fulfill my dreams, wishing fully as I travel the world and support my clients as they transform their lives.

Welcome to Wishfully.